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Writing Your Opinion

When writing an opinion essay there are two things you want to remember.  First, you want your readers to understand clearly your position about the topic. For example, if you say, “Eating fruit MAY BE good for you health,” your readers may not be convinced you really believe that to be true.  But if you say, “Eating fruit IS good for you health,” then they will know exactly what you believe.  Next, after you have stated clearly your opinion, you need to support it with solid reasons and examples.  Many students ask, “How many reasons should I give?” There is no exact number, but three seems to be the strongest.

Thesis Statement

When writing your thesis statement, keep in mind, there is a difference between a fact and opinion.  A fact is something you can prove and most people agree it to be true.  An opinion, on the other hand, is what you believe to be true about something.  For example if you say, “The Statue of Liberty is in New York City,” you can prove that and most people agree that is true. But if you say, “New York City is beautiful,” you will find people who agree and people who disagree. After all, you really cannot prove New York City is beautiful; it is only your opinion.

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