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  • IELTS Writing Workshop

    6 Lessonsin
    • IELTS Workshop - $50.00

    Writing Task 2 Instructor: Richard Carrigan, MSE Level: B1 & B2 Topic: Writing Task 2 Beginning November 20, we will post a new IELTS video on YouTube. Then when you sign up for the Course, you will be able to access material, and practice writing each topic. Using the IELTS scoring sheet, I will grade […]

  • Academic English 301

    23 Lessonsin
    • AE301 - $220.00
    • Purchase 301 & 401 - $400.00

    Academic Writing 3 builds a foundation for university level coursework. It provides international students opportunities to learn American academic skills in reading and writing using direct quotations, summaries, and critical thinking.

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  • Academic English 401

    27 Lessonsin
    • AE401 - $220.00
    • Purchase 301 & 401 - $400.00

    Course Description This course will help you improve your ability to read and write academic English. Throughout the course, you will research the course topic and work on developing a problem-solution essay. You will learn about writing summary-response essays, paraphrasing, and using in-text citations. You will also learn to support your thesis with outside sources.

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  • Essay Writing for IELTS & TOEFL

    • Essay Writing for IELTS and TOEFL - $60.00

    Preparing for a standardized test has never been easier! We’ve designed an online course to help you improve your writing scores. In six lessons, you will practice writing six test type questions.  After you submit your answers, your teacher will grade them and give you feedback to help you improve the quality of your writing. […]

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