Watch for new changes in 2020!

 Technology has exploded across the globe changing the way we live.

Has Social Media Improved Our Lives?

Level: High-Intermediate

How to write an argumentative essay

Think about what kind of social media you use everyday. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Has social media changed the way we communicate?  
  2. Has this change been for the better or for the worse?  
  3. Can social media help build better communities, or is it actually tearing down our social structure?  
  4. Is having more friends better than having deeper relationships?  
  5. In ten years from now, where will we be?

In 2002 when Friendster was first uploaded to the internet, no one knew that within a few month its membership would climb to well over 3 millions users. No one knew then that a door would be open for social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other social media websites to explode across the globe.

For most people, this has been a welcomed change. Now they can stay in touch with family and friends, and even reconnect with those they haven’t seen for a long time.  However, not everyone believes the benefits of this type of networking outweigh potential hidden dangers. Some argue that social media invades our privacy.  Others say that social media is undermining our values. Even some say that social media is responsible for the high divorce rate.

Topic: Some people believe that social media is a benefit to society.  Others believe that there are dangers in social media that will destroy society.  What is your position?

Write a five-paragraph Argumentative Essay, where you, the writer, will investigate both sides of the issue, and then evaluate the information and form your own opinion.

In your thesis, clearly state  your position. Then in your body paragraphs provide solid evidence for your support. Make sure you include at least one counter-argument and a refutation.

From the articles below include one quotation and at least three paraphrases in your essay.

Read the following articles. As you read, make a list of the pros and cons of social media.

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