Self-Study Courses

College Writing Courses are designed to build a foundation for university level coursework.


Reading & Writing

What Will I Learn?

In these courses, you will learn the process of writing academic research essays. You will study strategies for learning vocabulary, understanding authentic reading passages, summarizing, and making outlines. When you have finished these courses, you will be prepared to plan, write, and revise an academic level essay.

Who are the Courses For?

These courses are for intermediate to high intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to attend a university in the United States and need to master academic reading and writing skills.

Lessons include video presentations, authentic reading passages, downloadable handouts, and interactive quizzes.

What do the Courses Feature?

  • Authentic reading passages that help students form ideas and thought
  • Presentations on grammar and vocabulary
  • Discussions on course topics
  • Focus on building academic vocabulary
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Writing assignments and other class projects

ELLCenter is an online learning center dedicated to helping international students excel in academic English.  We help students from all countries master reading and writing skills necessary for university entrance.