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Expressing Cause and Effect

Useful Transitions for Expressing Cause

When introducing a noun phrase that will express cause, use as a result of, or because of.

  • As the a result of global warming, many regions are experiencing heavier rainfall.
  • Many regions are experiencing heavier rainfall as the a result of global warming.
  • Because of the extreme weather conditions, all flights in the Northeast have been canceled.
  • All flights in the Northeast have been canceled because of the extreme weather conditions.

Useful Transitions for Expressing Effect

Introduce effects using such words as consequently, therefore, or as a results.

  • Manufactures have been using GMO foods more and more; consequently, the cases of food allergies have been increasing.
  • All flights have been cancelled. Therefore, passengers must rebook their flights.
  • In the 2009 economic recession many companies laid off workers.  As a result, the unemployment rate increased dramatically.

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