In question 4, you will be given two positions.  You must choose one of them and argue why it is better.

In your answer, state clearly which position you claim and why you support it. After you have made a clear statement in your introduction, defend your position with plausible reasons.

Once again, your first sentence in the introduction catches the reader’s attention.  In the catch, you may want to refer to the opposite side, and then state your position, as in “Some people believe global warming is a hoax, but evidence suggests temperatures are increasing every year.”  Give some general information to help readers understand your position, and then in your thesis statement clearly and forcefully state your position on the issue, and why your position is important. You may also include your points of development, as in the first example below.

Example Thesis Statements:

  • Americans should limit the amount of fatty foods consumed, as these have been directly connected to diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.
  • Students should be encouraged to exercise on a regular bases, because consistent physical activity builds the body as well as the mind.

Each body paragraph must present strong reasons with solid evidence to support your position.  You should also present a counter-argument(s) that shows you clearly understand the opposing views.  Then refute the opposing position(s), providing evidence to show why it is weak and your position is strong.

Examples of Counter-Argument


  • Some people believe that technology is the way of the future and that it is impossible to become overly dependent on its use.


  • It is true that in modern society technology has infiltrated into almost every fiber of our lives and that it has enabled mankind to reach beyond its limits.  However, to say that it is impossible to become overly dependent on its use, is to forget how vulnerable society can be.


  • If we allow ourselves to become carelessly dependent on technology, we are in danger of neglecting to develop the necessary life-skills to survive on a daily basis.  As a result, in an emergency society would not be prepared to survive.

In your conclusion restate your position that was expressed in the thesis statement. Then reinforce your position with a warning, or a prediction, closing with a final comment.

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