Should Computers and Cellphones be Banned From Classrooms?

Does technology help students learn more?  Do students learn to depend on information from technology rather than learning it themselves?

How to write an opinion essay 

Level: Intermediate

In the article “Ban Computers and Cellphone from Classrooms,” Ira Hyman argues that such technology can be counter-productive to learning.  He reasons that students who use computers in the classroom can be distracted by texting, or just web surfing.  He also argues that research suggests that students who use computers for note taking (no web access) do not do as well as students who take notes with pen and paper.

Do you think Hyman’s suggestion to ban computers and cellphones is a good idea.  Why or why not?

Write your response in a five-paragraph Opinion Essay.  Support your opinion with three solid reasons.  Include one direct quotation from the article below.

Outline Handout

“Quotations must be identical to the original, using a narrow segment of the source. They must match the source document word for word and must be attributed to the original author.” (

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