Should the United States build a wall on its southern border?

If the United States builds a wall to control illegal immigration on its southern border, how would it effect the economy on both sides?  Would the issues with illegal immigration be solved?  How? 

Level: advanced


In this assignment, you will write a five-paragraph essay based on one opinion posted on  Unlike other assignments, in this one you will choose whether you will use an argumentative, problem-solution, or cause and effect style of essay writing.

In your essay, you will address the issue clearly showing either support in favor for the writer’s position, or argument against their position.  Which ever side you choose, make sure you provide solid reasons to support your position.

There are strong feelings on both sides of the issue

Some of the posts are rather strong in their opinions; some are well supported, and some are not.  It is not the intent of this assignment to stand on either side of the question.  Rather it is the intent to examine the issue from both sides, and then to address the issue informed and academically.

Write your response in a five-paragraph essay.  Support your thesis with solid reasons. Include paraphrases from