Can Long-term Unemployment Affect Us?

What happens when one or both spouses in a family are unemployed for long periods of time?  Does unemployment have an effect on children? 

Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Level: Intermediate

In today’s economy, people can lose their jobs without warning. When this happens, they often find themselves unemployed for long periods of time. In a cause and effect essay, discuss the effects that long-term unemployment can have on professionals, who before losing their job, had an average

Write a five-paragraph cause and effect essay using three reliable sources to support your main ideas. Two articles are provided for you below, but the third article you will need to locate on your own.  Make sure the author is reliable and connected to a university, or has letters (MS, PhD, CFA, etc) after his or her name.

Read the following articles and become familiar with each author’s point of view. As you read, summarize main ideas and write down important points that you may want to paraphrase later in your paper. Use MLA in-text citation.

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