How do I use “project” as a verb?

We usually use the word “project” (noun:ˈpräjˌekt) as a noun, meaning something that is carefully planned to achieve a goal. The students were assigned a research project. But we can also use “project” (verb: prəˈjekt) as a verb meaning to predict or forecast something based on present trends. Based on the current rate of spending, we can project… Read More

When to Use SHOULD, When to Use MUST

Should and must are modal verbs. We use should when we want to give advice or warn against something.  Such as, “You should buy organic food.” Notice that the modal comes just before the base form of the verb.  When we use the negative form to express warning, the adverb “not” comes between the modal and… Read More

What does “placebo” mean?

A placebo is a pill, medicine, or a procedure that has only psychological effects on a patient.  In other words, doctors may prescribe a placebo to a patient when they do not need actual medicine, but the patient believes they need medicine to survive or heal. Placebos are also used in control groups when experimenting with new drugs.

Using So and Because Effectively

When writing an opinion paragraph, writers often use the connectors so and because to show cause and effect.  Writers use because to introduce reason, and so to introduce effects or results. Examples: Because it rained all night, the streets were flooded in the morning. The streets were flooded in the morning because it rained all night. It rained all night,… Read More