Collocations with Prepositions

Collocations are words that we commonly use together.  Below is a list of collocation with prepositions.

  1. normal for  – It is normal for children to go to bed early.
  2. attach to – She quickly became attached to the new puppy.
  3. replace with – He replaced his laptop with an iPad.
  4. required to – All students are required to register their cars by September 26th. 
  5. support of – He pledged his support of the program.
  6. admire for – President Lincoln was admired for his honesty.
  7. believe in – There are still some people today who believe in family values.
  8. decide on – It was difficult, but they finally decided on going to Hawaii for vacation.
  9. pay for – They wanted to buy a new car, but they knew they could not pay for it.
  10. recover from – He knew it would take almost a year to recovery from his surgery.

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